Hot Runner Products


LHR Technical Services is the exclusive North American Sales and Technical Service Representative for Gunther Hot Runner Systems. Günther is the global leader in the design of hot runner systems and components specifically engineered for challenging Injection Molding projects. We specialize in providing custom solutions for small shot weights and highly engineered materials for demanding applications in automotive, medical, pharmaceutical, electronics and packaging markets.

World Class Advanced Hot Runner Technology

  • Side Gating and Multi-Tip nozzles
  • Small Pitch Centers
  • Unique Valve Gating Systems for high cavitation

Unique Products for Demanding Applications

Hot Runner Nozzles
Side Gating and Multi-Tip Hot Runner Nozzles
Hot Runner Manifolds
Valve Gate Systems
Valve Gating Actuation Technologies
Turnkey Hot Half Systems
Mini Hot Runner Systems
Hot Runner Control Technology
Rapid Systems – 2 Week Delivery
Connecting Adaptors
Cold Runner Technology

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LHR Technical Service provides clients across the country with hot runners, hot halves and valve-gate systems from world-renowned manufacturer Günther.

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